Multi-day wedding in Spain from USA


Multi-day wedding in Spain from USA

We organized a unique multi-day wedding experience in Spain for a couple and their guests from USA. The magic lies in the fact that every moment becomes an unforgettable adventure. We strive to strike a balance between the couple’s preferences and local authenticity, including restaurants, Spanish-style venues, local gastronomy, wines, and entertainment.



Welcome Dinner:

An event where all guests got acquainted and experienced Spanish hospitality. The dinner was organized at a seaside restaurant in the port. In addition to yachts and boats, the program also included a beautiful sunset. Guests were impressed by the seafood and paella.



Wedding Day:

This event took place at a villa with its own waterfront and stunning garden. Guests were treated to a fantastic aperitif and dinner outdoors. The ceremony took place in the green garden and was conducted according to all the traditions of a Jewish ceremony with a chuppah and all the important attributes. All the guests were delighted with the gastronomy and atmosphere. And the evening ended with lively dancing.









Thank You Dinner:

The next day, we organized a dinner to thank the guests at an ancient restaurant specializing in Catalan cuisine. The restaurant’s meat delicacies served as decor at the beginning of the evening. Also, all guests received gifts with a Spanish flavor – a bottle of sangria and castanets.



Seeing the happy eyes of the guests is the highest praise for our work! EventWed is always ready to create an individual program for our clients, where all their desires turn into the best reality



Thanks for the photo Ekaterina Gasanova

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