Wedding planner

Wedding planner

EventWed specializes in bespoke wedding planning, providing a full service in Spain and destination service  for international clients.
We also do multi-day weddings, including several days of various events, as well as organizing anniversaries



Main tasks for wedding planner:

  • Choosing a wedding venue and hotel to stay
  • Pre-event site visit and zoning
  • Creation of Moodboard and development of event concept
  • Team selection
  • Technical support
  • Couple looks and style
  • Contingency planning
  • Cost optimization
  • Control of the entire process
  • Finding the required items
  • Coordination on the day of the event

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You deserve a unique and memorable event, and EventWed is ready to make your wedding special!


Multi-day wedding

A unique multi-day wedding experience in Spain with EventWed

Experience the magic of a Spanish-themed multi-day wedding with EventWed, where every moment is an unforgettable adventure. Our team of professionals will give you the opportunity to create delightful memories over several days.


Welcome Dinner: Start your wedding adventure with a warm and welcoming dinner for your guests. Spanish flavor, delicious gastronomy and a warm atmosphere will create an incredibly cozy welcome

Traditions: The variety of Spanish traditions will add unique and emotional moments to your company

Exclusive Events: Our event planners will create a unique schedule of events for each day, including themed parties, outdoor dining and a variety of entertainment so guests can enjoy every moment

Aesthetics and Decor: Celebrate the uniqueness of each event with custom décor that reflects your style and brings your love to every detail.

Spanish gastronomy: Offer your guests an unforgettable culinary journey with exquisite Spanish dishes and local specialties, created to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes

Recreation and Entertainment: Provide guests with a variety of recreational options, from spa treatments to exciting excursions to local attractions

Harmony and Romance: End your multi-day trip with a wedding wrapped in an atmosphere of romance and love. Unleash the dance floor under the stars, surrounded by the magic of the Spanish night sky

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An exceptional honeymoon: After completing your incredible wedding arrangements, EventWed offers you the opportunity to begin your journey together in life with an unforgettable honeymoon in Spain. From the exquisite beaches of Mallorca to the cozy streets of Barcelona or the romantic landscapes of Andalusia, we will create the perfect setting for your romantic holiday. Luxurious hotels, exclusive excursions and magical moments await you to make the start of your journey together incredibly special and memorable. Let yourself be immersed in the luxury and beauty of the Spanish countryside to make your honeymoon the perfect start to your marital bliss.


Wedding anniversary

Organization of romantic anniversary in Spain with EventWed

We take care of your important moments in life and provide unique opportunities to celebrate your wedding anniversary in beautiful Spain. Let us create for you a unique experience filled with romance, memories and inspiration.

 Exquisite Location: Choose a romantic location to celebrate your anniversary. Whether it’s a historic castle, a yacht or an ancient city, we will help you find a place that reflects your uniqueness.

Exclusive Dining: Enjoy an elegant dining experience with exquisite Spanish gastronomy. Your personal chef and beautiful serving will create an atmosphere of comfort and delight.

Romantic excursions: We organize romantic walks through the narrow streets of old cities, watch the sunset on the coast or enjoy wine tastings in Spanish wineries.

Personal moments: Let us create special moments for you – from romantic morning breakfasts to intimate evening events filled with love and warmth.

Gifts and Surprises: We will offer ideas for special gifts and surprises to highlight your love and express gratitude for the years spent together.

Professional Photo Shoot: Capture those unforgettable moments with a professional photo shoot to preserve the memories of your romantic anniversary.

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With EventWed, your anniversary in Spain will be the epitome of luxury and romance, creating unique memories of your big day

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