Wedding anniversary

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Wedding anniversary

“Why do people travel? To find their happiness! They often embark on journeys to the most romantic, historically significant, and energetically charged places, seeking a change of scenery, to get lost in the crowd, to reset, perhaps to discover something previously unknown. While others search, you set out on a journey to rejoice in what you’ve already found and created, traveling together through life. With your precious treasure – your family.”

The enchanting ceremony dedicated to the thirtieth wedding anniversary unfolded in the challenging year of 2021, shrouded in the veil of the pandemic. A family, in search of a special celebration for their three decades of union, turned to us – EventWed agency – to create an unforgettable experience. Despite restrictions and event bans across the globe, we decided to bring to life a unique concept in Barcelona: a romantic yacht excursion with an exclusive dinner.

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Our choice fell upon the yacht “Heartbeat of Life,” measuring 98 feet, or 28 meters, boasting a beautiful interior and a captivating atmosphere. This yacht became the perfect setting for crafting an unforgettable evening. We assembled a team of talented professionals, including a decorator, saxophonist, photographer, videographer, makeup artists, chef, and pastry chef.

Thirty years of shared life represent a pearl anniversary, and the entire event’s concept was built around this symbol.

“Inside ordinary oysters, where a stray grain of sand accidentally finds its way, a jewel is born. To ‘ripen’ a single pearl requires not just years but decades, and every event is a pearl. Year after year, action after action, collecting pearls, the family has acquired its unique shape, traditions, becoming distinctive and perfect in its own way, yet strong and reliable, because it is happy! Thus, an entire collection of pearls of various sizes has been formed.”

The bridal bouquet, floral arrangements, and dinner decor were enveloped in the splendor of pearls. Each element, as if pierced by iridescent light, added a special refinement to the celebration. The bouquet, resembling a work of art, captured the luster of pearls, creating a delicate and elegant accent in the hands of the bride.

The daytime stroll along the Costa Brava became a vivid prelude to the ceremony, which unfolded in the midst of the boundless Mediterranean Sea. The carefully prepared text for the individual ceremony breathed life into their incredible family history, celebrating the richness of 30 years of shared journey. Their two children, like magical guides of love and tradition, led the ceremony, immersing themselves in the gentle waves of the sea and thus creating a new, unique tradition for the entire family.

“Dad, do you promise to continue looking at your beautiful wife with the same admiration?

Mom, do you promise to always, always love and care for your beloved to ensure he is happy and content?

 Do you both promise to continue living soul to soul, showing us that such great love exists?

 We promise!”

At that moment, our gift became a special highlight. Real pearls and coins were presented to them, as if a magical symbol of many years of happiness and prosperity. And now comes the moment when they cast these treasures into the embrace of the sea, a harbinger of new, exciting chapters in their captivating love story.

The yacht dinner transformed into a truly exquisite ball, where every detail was imbued with luxury. Candles adorned with pearls cast playful shadows, and the table, strewn with iridescent pearls and shells, invited guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an incredible celebration.


The wedding cake became a work of art. We entrusted the pastry chef with bringing our dreams to life, adding figurines of the loving couple to the solemn dessert, inspired by the style of Spanish masters from Lladró. We managed to impress the clients, as they have a whole collection of these stunning porcelain figurines at home.

Their life story unfolded before us in an incredible gallery of photographs – from the moment of their first meeting to the present day. Each snapshot was like a page from a magnificent book, filled with moments of happiness, laughter, and understanding.
The evening was enveloped in romance, as if a page from the best love novels. The sunset, brighter than any imagination, painted the sky with hues of fire, providing a backdrop for their splendid story. Pleasant music filled the air, and the atmosphere of love resonated like an incredible melody.

The family, surrounded by the blessed sea breeze, decided to stay on the yacht under the canopy of stars. This night’s rest was not just overnight accommodation but an immersion into comfort and warmth created on this magical evening.

We are confident that we have created something unique and tender that will remain in their hearts forever.

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