Intimate wedding in a villa in the Spanish Riviera


Intimate wedding in a villa in the Spanish Riviera


One hot July day, as the sun illuminated everything around us, we immersed ourselves in a world of incredible beauty and love, organizing a unique wedding at a cozy villa nestled in the greenery of the Spanish Riviera close to Barcelona. This day was intimate, crafted solely for the couple and their close family. It symbolized not only the union of two hearts but also an encounter with the enchantment of the Mediterranean ambiance.



The morning moments were filled with the gentle whispers of waves and the freshness of the sea breeze. The couple began their day with a stroll along the shore, enveloped in the warm embrace of the sun, relishing each other’s company and the endless blue expanse of the sea. There was no stress or early wake-up calls. Spain embodies relaxation and enjoyment, even on a wedding day!





The preparations of the bride and groom turned into a true dance of emotions and feelings. Under the gentle rays of the sun, they met by the pool, like two travelers ready to embark on their journey to happiness together.



The ceremony, conducted in the Protestant tradition, was like a song of love and devotion. Amidst the singing of the sea and the soft sound of the waves, they exchanged vows, their hearts beating in unison with the melody of the waves.



After the ceremony, the guests headed to a restaurant by the coast, where they were greeted with exquisite dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. In this magical time of day, as the sky filled with golden hues, we embarked on a photo session with the couple to capture this moment of eternity.



The evening was so beautiful that words vanished before the brightness of the impressions. Together with their loved ones, we managed to immerse the couple in the atmosphere of Spain, savoring moments of happiness and warmth in each other’s company, as if each of them had become a part of this incredible love story. 


“We were very pleased with your service, approach and attitude. Your care and professionalism were also noted by our guests. Thank you very much!”

Oleg & Maria



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