Wedding on the beach


Wedding on the beach

Artem and Maria embody youth, beauty, and an undeniable spirit of joy. Their enchanting wedding took place at a breathtaking villa nestled along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, a stone’s throw away from the vibrant city of Barcelona.

Inspired by the mesmerizing tale of young love in the film “The Blue Lagoon,” we crafted a truly unique and heartfelt concept for their special day. The carefully curated experience encompassed a captivating morning shoot, an intimate and tender ceremony, a romantic seaside promenade, and a picturesque picnic by the azure waters.

As the sun gracefully ascended, we orchestrated a serene morning within the villa’s exquisite poolside setting. Artem and Maria radiated an effortless charm, completely immersed in the moment without a care for the camera capturing their blissful connection.

Following the delightful joint photo session, preparations for the ceremonial festivities began. Each of them found solace and anticipation in separate chambers of the villa, gracefully adorning themselves with the love and excitement that filled the air.

After the joint photo session, preparations for the main ceremony began. They got ready in different rooms of the villa, immersed in the excitement of the upcoming momentous occasion.

The ceremony itself took place in the courtyard of the Mediterranean villa, surrounded by graceful palm trees. The ceremonial area was adorned in harmony with the villa’s architectural design, creating a seamless integration. Abundant live flowers in the wedding concept’s color palette added a vibrant touch.

“Imagine receiving a letter declaring how much you are needed and loved, eagerly awaited by someone. And then, that message becomes your reality. A reality where the two of you find yourselves in Spain. A reality where even the boldest dreams take shape and come true.”


In the evening, a stroll along the coastline was planned. They would savor the sunset, embracing, kissing each other, and basking in their profound happiness.

Happiness is holding you close, slipping my hands beneath your shirt, playfully biting, laughing, and gazing into your eyes.

If you’re looking for a truly magical and historic wedding experience, a romantic wedding on the Mediterranean coast might just be the perfect setting for your special day.

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Wedding in Spain

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