Wedding in the mountains


Wedding in the mountains

Wedding in the mountains… a wedding in a mansion… but in Spain, there is also the sea! And how can we combine it all? It can be done when you turn to an organizer.

So, an amazing and extraordinary couple of two lovers decided to have their wedding in Spain. He is an IT expert, she is a florist. They both love the mountains and the sea. They dislike rules. They enjoy being together. This essence was woven into the entire wedding concept for Nikita and Irina.

Upon arriving in Barcelona, we immediately organized a Lovestory walk around the city, and of course, by the sea. Walking, breathing, dancing, hugging, kissing, enjoying, and genuinely experiencing pleasure.

We couldn’t overlook the couple’s desire to visit the mountains, so on the appointed day, the lovers set off on a trip and photoshoot to the famous Montserrat Monastery. Located 20 km from Barcelona, nestled in the mountains at an elevation of 720 meters above sea level, Montserrat offered a stunning backdrop for their adventure.

For the symbolic ceremony and wedding dinner, a medieval estate was chosen. The estate accommodated all the guests of the couple for several days. Nestled amidst a forest, the estate exuded a strong connection with nature and a unique spirit.

Wandering is the greatest pursuit in the world. When you travel, you rapidly grow, and everything you see leaves a mark, even on your appearance. People who travel extensively can be recognized by a thousand others. Wanderings cleanse, intertwine encounters, stories, and love. Everyone gathered here today is an adventurous and travel-loving soul. After all, embarking on a journey to attend a friend’s wedding in Spain is a brilliant idea.

The choice of wedding venue in Spain sets the atmosphere and tone for the event. The unique feature of Spanish estates lies in their authentic historical interiors, picturesque surroundings, and elegant details. The wedding celebration is elegant, refined, and noble, without any excessive grandeur.

The wedding concept is built upon numerous details but is rooted in a unique style that is curated through scents, textural compositions, floristics, decorative techniques, and interior elements. The wedding decor should create a festive atmosphere, mesmerize and astonish the guests, while never overshadowing the couple. A well-designed wedding is one where every element reflects the wedding concept, each detail carefully selected for the couple, and overall decor seamlessly integrated into the venue.


After the ceremony, the guests and the couple were greeted with a Spanish Mediterranean-style aperitif, featuring tapas and gazpacho served in pitchers.


In Spanish weddings, the dinner follows immediately after the aperitif. Impeccably decorated according to the wedding concept, the decor created a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, the couple was offered the opportunity to create their own wedding cake as part of the concept, specifically by decorating it themselves.

Thank you, Nikita and Irina, for placing your trust in our services.

Without you in Spain, we wouldn’t have been able to do it! Thank you for the most specific and beautiful instructions for the photography and timing. Thank you for the best and most delicious catering! Special thanks for the idea for the cake!Thank you for living and experiencing every wedding as your own, dedicating yourself completely and wholeheartedly to your work!

Nikita and Irina

It has been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of your special day.
We are grateful for the opportunity to bring your wedding vision to life in Spain. Your love story has left a lasting impression on us, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness and beautiful adventures together.
May your love continue to flourish under the Spanish sun and beyond.

If you’re seeking a truly enchanting and unforgettable wedding experience amidst the beauty of nature, a mountain setting is the perfect choice for your special day.

Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams!


Wedding in Spain

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